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Our MFB – Metal Fiber Burners are provided with refractory stainless steel structure and radiant face in knitted metal fabric Bekinit®.

MFB – Metal Fibre burners are pre-mixed burners with an areal combustion.
Air/gas premix burns on the surface of a permeable metal fabric Bekinit®. This flexible and sturdy fabric is composed of knitted wires. These wires are Fecralloy®: a refractory steel with very high corrosion resistance.
Benefits of MFB – Metal-Fibre burners:
> Homogeneous combustion with a wide range of modulation,
> High thermal efficiency and low emission rates (CO, NOx),
> Low pressure drop, low thermal inertia,
> Safety aspect, no flashback,
> Better mechanical and thermal shocks resistance…

Operating mode of MFB – Metal Fibre Burner: Depending on the desired power, combustion can be done in two ways 

Infrared Mode : 100 to 500 kW/m²

brûleur flamme rouge

The combustion is done within the support and becomes incandescent (red). The energy is released as radiation and convection.

Blue flame Mode : 500 to 10 000 kW/m²

brûleur flamme bleue
The Blue Flame is attached to the surface of the metallic fiber and releases its energy as convection. The Fiber is at lower temperature therefore not incandescent.