The energy of your development

A tailor-made solution, to suit your needs and improve your equipments

Eratec manufactures and sells tailor-made gas infrared(and/or blue flame) burners for various industrial applications,

We study your needs and we offer the technical solution adapted to your industrial process,

Via our global network, we support your project from its definition/conception till its implementation in your equipment,

We customize the burner design to your application. The burner technical features lead to installations: more compact, more flexible, more efficient and more economic !

MFB - Metal Fiber Burner features
  • Knitted Metal Fiber in Fecralloy®
  • Mechanical and thermal shocks resistance
  • Burner surface temperature up to 1050°C/1922°F
  • Low NOX et CO
  • Flashback safety
  • Low thermal inertia
MFB - Metal Fiber Burner, combustion features
  • Wide modulation range - ratio 1/20
  • Power density from 100 to 10 000 kW/m2
  • Homogeneous combustion
  • Instantaneous ON/OFF
  • Medium wavelenght, 2 à 4 µ
  • Low pressure drop